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DJPL Spot (Windows)

DJPL SPOT TERMINAL: DJPL SPOT Combining technical analysis, news and an easy to use trading terminal, DJPL SPOT is providing fast and easy trading tools with best market price.

Buy/ Sell Order: DJPL SPOT provides keyboard and mouse based order entry system. For Buy order Press + (Plus) or F1 and For Sell Order Press – (Minus) or F2.

Chart: DJPL SPOT provides live charts with 200 and plus technical tools for better analysis. Using this chart you can get best market prediction with best support and resistance levels.

Trade History: DJPL SPOT provide trade history function. Using this function you can get last 20 days tick to tick data for all commodities traded on DJPL SPOT.

News: DJPL SPOT provides live news related to Gold and Silver. This news will helps to improve your knowledge about global and local market data i.e. economic data, demand and supply data etc.

Alert: DJPL SPOT has facility of Alert System which will work on your conditions whenever your condition matched, your system will give you alerts that your condition has been matched.